Is it really necessary to follow a detox diet?

To begin with, what is meant by the term detox?

A detox is a term used to describe minor dietary changes that promote the eliminations of toxins in your body. Herbs, supplements and even teas are commonly used to detoxicate the body and by many individuals it is believed that these are one of the only methods to do so.

Detox diets are commonly used to promote proper body functions such as improving blood circulation, providing your body with nutrient-rich diets, and restoring the liver.

The most common ways to follow a detox diet are:

  • maintaining hydration throughout the day
  • consuming natural fruit and vegetable juices free of additives, sugars, and preservatives
  • trying out different herbs in your foods or preparing herbal teas.
  • Eliminating alcohol, smoking, and coffee.
  • Keeping active on a daily basis

There is very little evidence supporting the detox diet actually eliminating any toxins from your body. This is because the liver is already capable of doing so, together with eliminating toxins through urine, sweat and fecal matter.

What is the reason behind eliminating coffee?

Coffee by itself is not harmful although it is the caffeine coinsumption we have to look out for. Caffeine is capable of directly interfering with the bodies ability to detoxicate.

My personal experience with detox diets

I have tried detox diets only a couple times. I did not detect any major differences in how my body worked although I definitely sensed other benefits. By hydrating enough throghout the day (around 3l of water) I was able to maintain my energy levels already from the morning and prior to working out. Eliminating alchohol completely out of my diet, allowed me to drastically improve my sleep quality which also took a positive toll on my workout regime and work life. Herbal teas never had any distinctive effects on my body except they might act as an appetite suppresant in the long-term.

Overall, I would say detox diets do not work if you are an individual that already follows a healthy lifestyle and is at least moderately active. This however does not mean that I would not promote them. If your lifestyle is mostly sedentary, making these little adjustments can help you feel much more energised as well as help you follow a healthy regime.

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